For the longest time, vanity seemed to be exclusive for women. Women can be as vain as they want, and it was acceptable. It stayed that way until some decades ago when men realized they are also entitled to take extra care of their appearance after all.

The birth of men’s line in skincare and other vanity products have begun many decades ago, and is still growing up to this day. More and more men have grown to see skincare as an essential, which is why even more skincare products are investing on a men’s line development.

Here, we give you a lowdown on the most selling products men use and patronize for their skincare.

Night Cream

  • Yes, like women, men have also realized how important it is to invest in a product that can take special care of their skin while they sleep. Women have known the importance of night cream—a product designed to deeply nourish the skin while we rest and doze off peacefully.
  • Best selling night creams for men are those rich in Vitamin E. There are several types of night cream available in the market—perhaps even too much types that men would find overwhelming. Beauty experts have found that vitamin E in night cream does its job best.
  • Night cream repairs any sun damage that triggered during the day. Several researches have shown that night cream with vitamin E and rich natural oils can even prevent wrinkle formation. It is also effective in nourishing the skin with a healthy supple.

Facial wash

  • Usually known as a skincare staple, facial wash is now one of a man’s daily essential. Like all other skincare products, there are a lot of excellent options available to choose from. Facial wash brands abound the market, which can be pretty challenging in making a decision of which one to finally buy. Experts say it is best to really determine what skin type you have, and then go from there.
  • A facial wash with as less parabens as possible is your best bet. Because it is entirely impossible to find a skincare product without parabens, take time to see which brand has the least amount of it.

Lip balm

  • While there are people who can debate with you about the masculinity of using a lip balm, it is overpowered by the need of nourishing your lips. If you live in a place where winter happens, lip balm must be in your daily skincare routine. Cold weather typically causes peeling skin, chapped lips, and even cold sores. Since your lips are thinner than most of your face, a lip balm is essential.
  • Thankfully, there are paraben-free lip balms available in the market.Paraben free skin care products are always a better choice to those with parabens. Since you will be putting this product on your lips, choose one that has as less chemicals as possible.

Energizing facial scrub

  • Facial scrub is essential for men because of its ability to slough away dead skin cells. Men naturally have a more thrilling and active lifestyle as compared to women. This reason is enough to make men buy facial scrub like shaving cream.
  • Energizing facial products are great for daily use. When you know you have a long day at work or even at play, energizing facial scrubs can be good way to start off your day. Its effect will be you feeling more active than usual. You motivate yourself and even take better care of your face—basically hitting two birds with one stone.

Hand cream

  • Men usually have rougher hands, but now that men’s skincare products come aplenty, why shouldn’t they also invest in better-tended hands? Men whose jobs involve meeting other people every day should give their hands more attention, thus buying hand creams to make sure their handshakes remain impressive.
  • Hand cream protects and nourishes hands. It instantly improves the skin on the palms, and also eradicates dryness. It even leaves the hands plumped and shiny as well.

Eye Cream

  • It has been known that one of the easiest body parts to show aging is the eyes. Wrinkles on the eyes are usually caused by usual squinting due to sunlight, and can also be blamed on aging. Whatever the reason for the eye wrinkles are, it is best to use an eye cream to help combat them.
  • Most eye creams have anti-aging properties. Eye creams with anti-aging ingredients are always your best bets, since they have double purpose of preventing aging signs and also moisturizing your eyes.

Aftershave cream

  • Men like things quick and easy, but aftershave creams are simply essential in a man’s life. It is perhaps what sets apart men’s skincare product line from that of a woman. Choosing an aftershave can be challenging, which can be made easier by looking for one that provides as much benefits as possible. There is an aftershave cream that also moisturizes the skin. It could be a good choice as compared to others.
  • Aftershave cream hydrates the skin and even reduces excess oils. Because of the growing competition in men’s skincare, most brands keep trying to improve their products. There are now aftershave creams that do not only minimize razor burns, but also refines the skin.

Shave foaming gel

  • If you have a beard but do not use anything to keep it in shape, you are on the wrong track. A smooth shave foaming gel is essential for any man with a beard. The best thing about it is that it allows you to shave minus the nicks and burns.
  • It can even be used for shaving legs. If you are married, ask your wife to buy one for herself when she has to shave her legs. You can borrow from her, and save yourself some money, too. Kidding aside, it is that good for when you have doubts if this skincare product is a must-buy indeed.

Being a man is not an excuse to skimp on skincare. It is no longer unusual for a man to buy his own facial wash, lotion, etc. People should take care of their bodies, and that is an undeniable fact. The abundance of men’s skincare products in grocery aisles is a sign that metro sexuality, or men’s vanity, is not new anymore. It is now as normal as it could get.

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